Manufacturing Process of Marble God Statues

Selection of Marble Slab


At Navkar First step of preparing idol is selection of appropriate marble. To produce a quality idol, it is essential to use the best available marble suitable for carving.

At, Navkar Exports we make sure that the selected marble is white, robust and with little waves in it.

Carving of Marble Statues

At Navkar Once the suitable marble block is selected, it is sent to the factor premises.

Here, the artisans who have received the skills from their ancestors give a life to the stone. The main tools such as chisel and hammer are used for carving purpose.


Polishing on Marble God Idols

At Navkar We carved out idol is taken to the polishing department.

Here, idols are given smoothness by polishing work. Various polishing stones are used to perform this job. Appropriate care is taken while polishing idols as it gives natural look to the idol.


Beutification of Marble Murtis

At Navkar After polishing work, beautification work is undertaken. The idols are adorned with apparels and jewellery. The colours are selected based on the present trends in the fashion. For jewellery, real gold and silver metal are used.



Final Packing & Transportation

At Navkar Once the idol is painted, it is ready for shipping.

Before shipment takes place, the idol is packed in wooden box to ensure that it reaches to the destination in its best condition. We ship the religious idols religious statues all over the world.




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